Wayne Todd Strong is a singer song writer.  He has been writing music since he was a kid. The people and bands that inspired him are vast. He's had a number of oportunities in the music world and just never took them.  "his own reasoning I guess". Originally from Nebraska Wayne moved to Minnesota at the age of 21.  He has a passion for music and has been creating music most of his life.  His style is very unusual.  He is Rock, Pop, Country, Country Rock and some Blues.  Wayne says he has never liked his voice but just about every studio he's ever been in convinces him to sing. Members of Wayne Todd Strong & the Shades of Grey- Lead vocals--guitars--Wayne Todd Strong 
Percussion--vocals--Desiree Strong 
Lead guitars--guitars--B.Bruce 
Bass guitar--D.Hughes 
Keyboards--M. Gnoatto 
Drums-- B.Petry
Members of Wayne Todd Strong-first album-
Wayne Strong:Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar ,Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals  
Robert Dorian: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Guitars  
Bobby Luke: Bass Guitar  
Chris Lakely: Drums  
Bert Soule : Piano, Keyboards  
Debbie Solberg: Backing Vocals  
All songs written by Wayne Todd Strong  
All songs copyrighted by Wayne Todd Strong